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trying character study idk??
are you ready for a drubbing
There was nothing that fixated him more than watching things break.

In the past, it had been humans. Humans didn't so much break as they ripped, or they spilled, or they simply went still – countless times he'd watched the green of grass go dull as another of King OOO's enemies fell before him.

He learned the sound of screams.

The soldiers spoke of fealty, of loyalty to the cross and to their king and their country. Yet their desires were different. In spite of that, they still fought and ripped and spilled and lay still for the cross, for something less than their true desire – for King OOO's desire.

The similarities between himself and the fragile men bearing OOO's standard were uncomfortable. He liked his existence. He had strength, enough to make things break before him. He had taken glee in it, using bloodshed to try and wash out the intrinsic wound that gave rise to the Greeed. As a tool of the king he could make the whole world bleed for his loss.

It was then that he understood why soldiers would fight for someone else's desire.


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