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communing with the ants

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Invited by: Plus, Gaa, and Wingus (a holy trio)

Character's name: Uva
Character's LJ: greeeaserbug
Character's canon: Kamen Rider OOO

Brief (around 300 words) personality outline of your character: As a Greeed, Uva's got the whole shebang of existing as an incomplete, desiring being going on - a fact that is integral to his personality. Uva's a fairly simple creature when it comes to his desires, devoting himself wholeheartedly to accomplishing them. He'll accept a win some, lose some situation if he has to, but if he's not making any headway at all he's quick to anger - but I digress. Uva's own chief desire, as all Greeed have, is to recover as many of his cores as he can; to survive. Such a materialistic and simple desire leaves him with unclouded thoughts compared to the other Greeed, but it also means he's one of the most inhuman of them. He's basically the best at being a Greeed, which sounds great until you realize he's still got the emotional turmoil the other Greeed deal with by acting human-like.

While focused on his own cores, Uva's fairly disinterested in everyone else's - he's sought out others' cores as part of a plot before, but never to personally consume them. This correlates with his surprising amount of loyalty - as much as you can be loyal among a group like the Greeed and not be freakin' clueless. 

Uva's got his own share of naivety, and as long as he sees someone on his 'side' he'll not consider them a threat until their treachery is being waved in his face. He likes swarm tactics. And he really, really likes having people on his side, not that he'd admit it. What, show appreciation to these douchebags? They don't deserve it! This brings on the next facet of his personality - Uva is prickly. He's guarded, fitting with his insect motif. The most common of his poses is 'arms crossed,' which gives off all of the stay away vibes. While I've already went over the fact that he doesn't want to pull off the lone wolf routine, he sure tries to make it look that way, and the show might be more for his own benefit than anything, considering my next point.

He's got a whole lot of anger. When Uva is wronged he seethes with it, and if he indulges usually ends up worse off, which he actually does learn from and tries to work around. Uva has to plan out his actions, and it's when he wings things that he starts losing the advantage.

To state things more simply: Uva's priorities fluctuate between a core (heh) set - mainly, getting back his cores, getting extra party members, and indulging his sizable reserves of anger. It's fitting that his first thought once he's achieved his long-term goal of reviving Mezul and Gamel is um, time to take revenge on Cazali! I've got backup, I don't need to be so careful!

Except he really, really needed to be more careful.

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character OR link to a really good wiki page with their history. In either case, explain where they cut off from the timeline: 

  Around eight hundred years ago, a man known now only as 'King OOO' lusted after the power of a god - to this end, he commanded all the alchemists that would heed him (and probably a few that rather wouldn't have) to pursue a power that could conquer the world. It was this man's desire that eventually led to the birth of desire incarnate: the Greeed. Created originally as a series of sets of ten medals imbued with ill-defined but definitely massive reserves of power, they, well, woke up when King OOO had one each of their medals taken away. Here started an existence defined with desperately wanting something unattainable - also there was a whole lot of fighting. Since hey, he's got these monsters, why not use them to go subjugate some heathens?

Predictably, things did not end well. King OOO became consumed with the power granted by the Greeed's core medals, leading to them turning against him - all but the bird Greeed Ankh. Ankh's fealty was rewarded with getting his cores stolen, things went to hell in a handbasket, OOO ended up dead, and the Greeed were all sealed away into a stone coffin.

Spin the clock forward eight hundred years. The relics of the King OOO fiasco had been systematically recovered by the Kougami foundation, a mysterious organization that - yeah, I can stop there, you know the drill. The Greeed are reawakened through the buffoonery of a pair of thieves, and escape into modern day Japan.

The Greeed have a nice chat about huh, guess we're awake, wonder where our cores are, an apparently sharp-eyed Cazali breaks the news that Ankh took them, and they all readily accept it because Ankh's a dirty traitor. Newly awakened and missing the most cores out of everyone (who isn't Ankh, but let's just accept that as a given), Uva's the first to act and start creating Yummies, with the intent of getting his cores back and scoring some cell medals in the process. Ankh's response is recruiting a new human to use the power of the medals and become Kamen Rider OOO.

The fateful story revolving around medals had begun in earnest.

Uva suffers a devastating loss of a full set of core medals early on, his medals becoming the first that Eiji manages to use a full combo of (promptly blowing most of the animation budget because GataKiriBa is just that cool) and basically setting a precedent for Uva's day getting ruined throughout the series.

As the fight with OOO drags on, Uva grows crafty in his own ways - he creates the Waste Yummies, weak little mooks born from broken cell medals. He begins employing them as distractions to great effect, fulfilling the swarm tactics prophesied by the (budget devouring) effects of GataKiriBa. He even changes his tactics for Yummy behaviour - becoming something of a genie figure to the hosts.

Then Mezul and Gamel both get taken out at once and shit gets real. Uva pretty much disappears from the plot for a long stretch - suddenly reappearing upon the fulfillment of what turns out to be a masterwork of a plan: he seeded a whole office full of people with undetectable Waste Yummies, contracted a young man to pick up the medals generated each day (and gave him a paycheck of stolen money for it), thus slowly stockpiling a truly ridiculous amount of cell medals. The purpose? Reviving Gamel and Mezul!

Shortly before he could finish the revival, Cazali and Lost Ankh showed up out of nowhere, mugged him for some cores, and solidified Uva's next goal: revenge on the cat Greeed. That goal promptly failed when Cazali easily persuaded the two newly-revived Greeed into switching sides to Team Maki, and Uva was subjected to a four Greeed all out attack!

In short, all of Uva's cell medals got exploded and all of his cores were taken save the one containing his consciousness. Uva then displayed that he is determined as all get out - swearing "I won't let it end like this," he somehow stayed conscious without the support of cell medals. He then disappeared for a slew of episodes... again, probably spending the entirety of that time edging up the fire escape that he jumped off of to possess a conveniently misanthropic old man.

The whole possessing a human thing wasn't really for him, and he jumped at the chance when Ankh's plot shenanigans led to them crossing paths under a pretense where they could actually ally. Ankh created his first Yummy since their sealing to gather enough cell medals for Uva to reform, and together they made a triumphant appearance at Maki's mansion. Well, Ankh did. Uva just kind a face full of wing. Thus, all of the Greeed were on Team Maki, and their undoing began. Y'see, Doctor 'Obvious Big Bad' Maki had a plan to stuff one of the Greeed as full of cores as possible, and they'd all just made themselves readily available to him.

Ankh and Uva then preceded to beat up Cazali for cores like two seconds later. It was a bonding experience. Mezul stopped them because Mezul's the best at keeping the band together, but that's a given. Then OOO and his sidekicks launch an attack on Maki's mansion, and the Greeed exhibit the ninja-like quality of being far less competent in groups than alone. Uva falls in a pit trap, for pity's sake.

It's about now when the end game really starts, because one of the Greeed actually gets all out destroyed. Cazali is the first to go, and soon Mezul and Gamel follow. Uva actually does observe Gamel in the midst of his end-of-life rampage, pretty much shrugging it off and saying, "Well, I'll survive either way."

Except then Ankh, Maki's intended vessel for the other Greeed's medals, compromises the plot via character development and also a slight case of terminal medal cracking. With only one viable Greeed left, Maki shifts his intentions to Uva - little to Uva's knowledge. He'd just managed to win back his ninth core, after an entire TV series of effort, after all. He got a little exuberant, kicking around basically everyone and apparently not realizing the implications of OOO transforming with the TaToBa combo to fight him once more - a combo that requires one of his medals to work.

Then Eiji started kicking HIM around like a ragdoll thanks to the power of the hidden tenth medals and thousands of cell medals. Maki of all people came to his rescue, throwing a couple of cores in to strengthen Uva's body after he took a devastating attack. Uva was psyched! Hey, people are finally being team players!

Then Maki kept on throwing cores medals into him and things got very very bad. Uva attempted to retreat, realizing his body was going out of control from too many foreign cores, and Maki went off in pursuit after him. He led a merry chase, but eventually collapsed, pleading for help (like he'd get it) before disintegrating and reforming into the Medal Vessel.

So basically, Uva became a UFO.

His canon point is shortly before losing that last bit of control and becoming the Medal Vessel. 

Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering-around-the-ship post; please include a snippet of dialogue):

It was just trading one war for another, as far as Uva was concerned. From the beginning, fighting had been the name of the game - surviving, rather, even though nothing in the world had posed any threat to him until the day they'd turned on OOO.

Afterwards, well.

The amalgamated state of the city didn't particularly strike him - the normal human city he'd been in previously had been astoundingly alien to what he knew, so what's actual alien architecture on top of that? Not that big a deal, really. But when he actually began finding greenery - well, that was just genuinely nice. The rest of the meatship was lacking in his patron color, making the woods (or more specifically, the leaves) of the park far more comfortable than everywhere else he'd been.

A human would have taken a deep sighing breath of relief. As it was, the Greeed kicked at a rock so that it rolled down a hill and tore several bushes asunder. The disturbance had apparently riled up some of the fauna - a grasshopper, specifically, which jumped free of a doomed fern to land on his shoulder.

"..Hmph. You think you're safer here, but you're not."

It didn't heed the warning, and remained where it was. He couldn't bring himself to disturb it.

"Just don't fall off if you're going to stay there."

It jumped away and disappeared into the foliage.

If the character has magic, mutant, or otherwise metahuman abilities, please explain what they are and outline EXACTLY how they function, as their powers may not work due to the nature of the ship or may need to be limited somehow: The Greeed are homunculi comprised of two types of medals - cell medals and core medals. Cell medals could be thought of as the blood of Greeed, while core medals are the vital organs. A Greeed's power is directly tied to the amount of core medals in their body, and less directly tied to their cell medal count. Cell medals are important all the same, though, and a Greeed carrying an overwhelming amount of cell medals is still going to be rather powerful.

Uva's medals in particular hold several unique abilities, tied to the insects they're themed after. Kuwagata (Stag Beetle) medals grant him the power to unleash bolts of electricity like a tesla coil gone mad, Kamakiri (Mantis) metals grant..well, awesome slicing powers, since what else are you going to do with a Mantis theme. Finally, his Batta (grasshopper) medals let him execute ridiculous gravity-defying jumps. Greeed in general are more durable and stronger than humans, even when they're low on medals. And as Uva's currently got 6 of his own medals, he's decently powerful - though he'll podpop with 18 medals total, he's going to be getting those foreign medals out as soon as possible.

Generating more cell medals involves sacrificing one of the ones a Greeed currently has, sliding it into a magically appearing slot on a human victim's head and causing a monster called a Yummy to spawn from them. The Yummy will then go commit shenanigans related to the victim's desire - what they do depends on the Greeed creator. Early series, Uva's Yummies seek to consume their host's desire - but later, he takes the guise of a granter of wishes, learning a host's desire and creating a Yummy that will attempt to bring it to fulfillment at all terrifying extents.

Sensory wise, Greeed are rather disabled. Greeed can't taste, have only a meager sense of smell, and only feel sensations in general when they're in extremes - they can only detect heat when it's overwhelming hot or cold, pain when it's excruciating, and et cetera. Sounds are muffled and distorted, except the sounds of clinking coins (gee, I can't imagine why) and supports a sixth, sharpest sense for tracking Yummies. They're also vaguely able to 'sense' desires, so there's that.

Sight is similarly mangled through a Greeed's (metaphorical) eyes, with colors dulled and objects blurred. Each Greeed has a specific color they see clearest, and Uva's is predictably green. Speaking of green, there's also the matter of the drape - a big hunk of fabric that's symbolism incarnate, never directly addressed by the show but always wherever the Greeed calls home.

Also the cat Greeed gave them all the idea to disguise as humans because modern-day people just don't take your run of the mill monsters for granted anymore, so they're able to broadcast a very convincing illusion of humanity. Just an illusion, though.

Non-superhuman special abilities of note (Is your character a master ventriloquist? A naturally-occurring super-genius? The best martial artist in the world? Say so here): What is having anything at human level, Uva doesn't. More seriously, he's surprisingly good at interacting with humans - whereas the other Greeeds generally just Yummy and run, Uva takes the time to gain a basic understanding of Yummy victims. So that's a pretty mundane skill.



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